I always take emotions to be my greatest strength and resource.

The man, who knows how to live, knows how to die. Life is gift to be celebrated, a gift that we go on taking for granted and for which we do not feel any thankfulness. Not to feel grateful to the whole for giving such a precious, immensely valuable gift: I take it as the only sin. Man lives in a world of choice, hence man has to decide what life he wants to live. He can fall below the animals; he can rise above the angels. He can exist accidentally or he can exist with decisiveness. To me the essence of life- "Be happy and make others Happy". We see million and billions of people and impulsively I feel aching and explore the reason. I conclude with that we never work as much as we can; we never work to the maximum potential. In fact, people work fifteen to twenty percent of their potential. I feel hugely inspired by the revolutionary line of Osho- "Live each moment as if this is the last". Here, my message to you is always act on the first reflexive thought that your heart reckons with.

The economics of love is: the more you give, the more you have. Love is first step toward God. Love is a celebration for no reason at all. Love is not the ordinary thing that you understand by it, it is not just a biological attraction between a man and a woman, and well it is that too. That is only the beginning, just the beginning, just the first step. Here I would like to elucidate an event;

A lover comes to his beloved house. He knocks on the door and he beloved asks,
"Who is there"?.. Who is knocking at the door?
The lover says, "I am here". "Can't you recognize me?"

There is silence and finally the beloved says, the house is too small.It cannot hold you and me together. It will be very difficult. Go, and whenever you are ready, come back again."Disturbed, very much confused, the lover goes into the wilderness and meditates on what has happened. Why has he been rejected? Then by and by it dawns on his consciousness what has happened. Then he comes back. He knocks again on the same door and the same question is asked,

"Who is there"?.. Who is knocking on the door?
He says, "No one is here. Only you are".
Suddenly and immediately, the door opens.

Marriage is a great institution as well as an organization since it is established and run by some rules and of course with the membership of two. It awards its member a kind of legal validity and social acceptance. For the two, it is the spiritual union, a deep intimacy and definitely a great source of teaching. Marriage is a non-blood relationship, which prevails over all forms of relationships today and despite all odds n anguish, s/he always wants to take this bond even beyond the present existence. This intriguing feeling assumes me a lot. I am of the opinion that a marriage should take only out of joy and willingness and nothing else should be accommodated. Trust me; the sacredness of marriage makes one divine. Yes, I am always agonized to see some curses, associated with marriage - Dowry, Child Marriage, Self-immolation by the widow, Live suffering of a widow, forced marriage in the name of honor violence and confinement to individuality inflicted and driven by the ego forces of the spouse. Today, in our society we see everywhere marriages decomposing. Due to risen expectations, it has become a journey of long-suffering. Somewhere I see the reason in lack of honesty and respect towards one another. Definitely, in a couple's life, total openness brings delayed but ever-lasting attraction, but being a person one has to be personal practically. On marriage and spouse, I am very much enamored with the experience of the great Socrates.

A young man asked Socrates whether he should get married, Knowing well that Socrate's wife was a nagging, Very ugly and cruel women, who used to beat him.
Socrates said, "You should get married if you get a good wife-perfectly good! If you get a wife like mine, you will become a great philosopher".

Man is a social animal and cannot live without social relationship. Relations are bridges among humans and an individual should not define it at his own terms. We see many familial relations in our society - Between parent and their offspring, Among Siblings, Between a Spouse, Friends, Teacher and Disciple, Employer and Employee and many more. Interestingly all of them are willing to define this mutual term alone and according to their own expectation throwing the responsibility on another. Everybody feels that others are responsible for his misery. The husband thinks the wife is responsible for his misery. The wife holds the husband responsible for her misery. The children think the parents are responsible for their misery and the parents think the children are responsible for their misery. This complexity applies to all. I strictly feel this definition and its imposition leads to the eventual decomposing of relationship. In every relationship, I find lack of listeners and definitely, listeners need courage and patience because listening is going to be risky. I have already shared on friendship and marriage. Here are some interesting relationships:-

Parenting (Papa of Tiny Feet):
one of life's greatest achievements is to watch your toddling children blossom. Millions of parents make their child grow lovingly - some with a lot of effort, some without a thought. Whatever ways you do it, remember your children are not from you rather they are through you. Let your child be what s/he is. No matter, how ambitious we are in shaping our children's lives; there is a limit to what we can accomplish.

Siblings (The love-hate relationship):
we alternately love them and hate them, but one thing is for sure - what would we do without them? They are our companions for life, our competitors, our confidants, our rivals - what do we do without them? Learning important social skills usually takes a lot of time, but they are imbibed faster while living with brothers and sisters. Children with siblings learn how to share and resolve conflicts quite easily. Moreover, with a right kind of guidance from parents, siblings get a lot of patience, become cooperative, supportive nurturing to others. Our bullying brother and irritating sister prepare us for many encounters we face in our life.

Employee-Employer relationship:
Today, this relationship prevails all others in terms of time, transaction and even sharing. Both have become complement to each other. My all time relatives are the people whom I work with.I would rather name this relationship as - "Anger-Affection Relationship". Moreover, they are my world as well as most treasured possession.

Friendship (The Wondrous Energy):
A friend is someone who walks in when the whole world walks out. Our friends are equity shares we earn in life, which dividends we reap throughout our lives. Yet how many of us have shoulders to lean on outside our immediate familial relationship? In a highly competitive and result oriented world, we seem to be drifting away from each other all the time. However, I personally believe that friends made in good days often fade away during bad days. I always get refreshed with the fragrant present of my chums.

Religion is reuniting with your own source. Religion is a love affair, a love affair with existence. You are not religious simply by going to the temple, church and mosque and repeating borrowed prayers, which have nothing to do with your heart. However, practically this affair is ok. The biggest religion is being responsible to your self, making a temple in your own heart where only joy and hope prevails. Only mediocre people care about the respect of the society. The real person cares only one thing whether I am living my life according to my own vision.

Education is the manifestation of perfection we have already in ourselves. It is the driving force, a living energy and an all time smiling reason. Education has traveled a long way from community school of "Guru Vashishtha" to Computer class of today's Internet working system. Today education means imparting of printed materials in an imposed atmosphere And Educational Institutions have become "Degree Distributing Agency - DDA". In the words of Acharya Shree Sudarshana, a real education is "A knowledge by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet".

The management of Indian Railway inspires me a lot since it being the biggest business organization employing over 16 lacs workers and on the other hand shoulders a great social responsibility ferrying millions of Indians daily on its lap. A good beginning is the corporate social responsibility, which today's institutions undertake willingly. For me the greatest organizational skill is teamwork - 'more of we and less of me'. Simultaneously, the greatly skilled worker is the - 'Team Player'. In addition, recognizes valued contribution made by all levels. He cites that mere 26 letters of English Alphabet make thousands of words and this creation almost depends upon the only five letters i.e. the vowels. Organization is the binding agent, which keeps its members altogether.